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Eat With Sona has launched their most holistic programme ever, which means there’s just as much focus on your physical and mental wellbeing as there is on weight loss. From personalised progress reports and recipe suggestions based on what’s in your fridge, to on-demand workouts and backed-by-science sleep tools; you get everything under one roof.

Whether your doctor has asked you to manage your Diabetes , Hypertension, Thyroid , PCOD, Fibroids, Cholesterol, Heart conditions or even if you generally want to feel healthy and energetic the solutions to so many health problems can be found on your plate. Discover and believe in the magic of natural foods. Let’s focus on a lifestyle change rather than traditional dieting.

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What to expect from

Health Consultation

Expert advice to overcome hurdles on health or food.

Fortnightly Nutritional Plan

Meal plans based on daily intake and food recommendations.

Weekly weight check

Weekly weight check to monitor progress

Healthy Alternative foods

Our Motto- Guilt free eating.

Daily meal review

All meals monitored on daily bases by the EAT Team.

No pills or supplements

We believe in healthy eating with a motive to cure and heal ailments.

Life long skills

Planned activities to stay focused, eat healthy and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Travel and Eat out guide

Enjoy your eat out journey while travelling for work, leisure, holidays and yet maintain your weight

Support and motivation

Health & wellbeing support provided by eat advisors to meet eat lovers challenges.

Self Care is your new Healthcare


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