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Weight loss made easy with Eat With Sona.
Healthy employees mean productive employees.
Eat With Sona has launched their most holistic programme ever, which means there’s just as much focus on your physical and mental wellbeing as there is on weight loss.
Corporate nutrition helps employees achieve desired results and feel their best. We create corporate nutrition programs for employees to help them reach their peak energy and display optimum performance.
Team Eat With Sona makes this group interactive by providing empathy, rapport, mutual understanding, support, and shares stories and ideas.
We assist you all in healthy habits, for weight loss and weight maintenance, fitness and mindset, helping you include a list of allowed foods and suggesting the quantities allowed, thus encouraging weighing portions.

Sona Kerkar – Be inspired, inspire others

This professional forum:

Helps distract you from mindless snacking.

Indulges in healthy cravings.

Focuses on food positivity.

Does away with temptation.

Tracks your progress.

Provides practical tips to boost health and wellness.

Organises sessions based on latest nutritional sciences.

Has a range of informative and helpful sessions to choose from.

Get best packages for your team

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

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